Day dreaming of Egypt I know

On the day Mohamed ElBaradei, the former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, returned Egypt to join forces working on democracy in the country…

On the day hundreds of spontaneous Egyptian youth, who have nothing to do with politics, queued up at Cairo International Airport to welcome ElBaradei home, and ask him to run in next year’s presidential elections…

On the day some Egyptian writers, actors, politicians and media figures,  finally went down to the street with people and honestly joined their enthusiasm and dream..

On the day little glimpse of hope sparked in the hearts of many…

I would like to day dream and compare #ElBaradei 2011 to #Obama 2009.. Let’s dream that change can happen..

Yes we can!

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  1. I hope that too. I think its too early to judge him but it is also too early to say that he is the Egyptian’s Redeemer.
    I also think that its a long journey (Journey of Democracy)as it is the first time to have a presidency elections and we still at the beginning :)

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  2. Of course he is not.. I understand that putting too much hope on him -as him- is not so healthy..
    But the thought that someone coming out of the blue to give people hope that change can happen. That there are still other names than the ones who’ve been hearing the past 30 years.. that inspiring..
    Don’t you think so?

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  3. I dont hate ElBaradei but I heard ppl call him with lots of untrue words and names. And we have to take in consideration that this guy is still unknown to us. He wasnt the guy who fought US when they started to invade Iraq. Actually as I remember (and please correct if am wrong) he was the one who helped ‘em by saying that they didnt find any nuclear weapons in Iraq although they found remains of attempts.
    Am very pleased to see Egypt become a democratic country again but as you said it “putting too much hope on him -as him- is not so healthy..”
    I dont wanna feel guilty if he became our next president and didnt offer anything new or made things worse.
    And wont vote for just being participating in the democratic cycle. I dont want a perfect president. I just need a better candidate.
    (ps: I dont like to oppose but I like discussions, Hot ones :P)

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  4. Sadly ya Ahmed, thats the NDP way of faking things up. They work on our lack of information and short memory. I’ve been there myself, till I read some articles about EL Baradei.. One of them Al Aswany’s in Al Sherouq newspaper. Please take a look at it.. you’ll know he’s not as bad as they propagate about him in our national media..

    And tell me something, how can you know if he or anybody else will be good or bad?.. did you try anybody else for the past 28 years?..
    And isn’t breaking the circle of corruption good enough “no matter who the next president may be” – at least for the time being?
    Aren’t these good enough reasons for us to ask a person -open minded and widely respected like him- to run in the elections?

    PS: I like discussions too :P

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  5. nice article I have read it to the end. But yet we cant say he is the one. Too early to judge.
    And sometimes the man is good and decent but power corrupts.
    If you watched “Where in the world is Osama bin Laden” They talked about Mubarak. They made him and am sure they will try to made any else. Remember we are the third country in the Aid list (According to the movie more than 2 billion dollars every year) Huge sum of money can change anyone and the excuse will be developing Egypt. A National Excuse? may be but still the same. You wanna get the aid and develop your country. Start to be USA’s S.O.B
    Thats why I cant be optimistic about 2011
    But I still dream of clean elections not rigged like the first one :(

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  6. Your words mean there is no hope. We should stop dreaming because everybody will be the same.. and I hate to think this way :(

    Though as I told you earlier it’s not healthy to put hopes on Elbaradie as being the one.. but he is only the best option we have so far.. thats everything..

    I still wish he’d be one of those political leaders – like in Malaysia, Sudan, Mauritania and Brazil- who broke the vicious corruption circle.. then left..

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  7. erhamoona

    first of all you don’t even know what dr elbaradei’s post he was the director general of the IAEA in vienna. a distinguished accomplished man who HAS COME HOME TO RETIRE LIKE MR ANAN————–LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh yeah lasto fa’rie

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  8. I dunno why I still think that he is like Obama who gathered people around him (even Arab) but after he succeed in elections LOTS of people (specially Arab) found that he is a big disappointment :(
    Thats why I dont wanna put all my hopes in this man. Because he seems to be very perfect and very fit.
    I dont wanna be pessimistic but it is a long way through democracy.
    May be you are correct (and believe me I hope so) but..
    Simply Things dont work this way!

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