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Strangers in the night.. 1

Two days ago, I had one of my best nights. A highlight for 2014. It was not unique. I just went out with people. Strangers to be precise. One of the very few times I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. And yet, I felt totally myself. Myself like I never thought I could […]

Dear Void, 4

I wrote a new post last week and erased it. And I wrote another post today and also erased it. I don’t want to censor expressing my emotions, but I can’t. I want to pour out the heaviness I feel in my heart, but I won’t. There was a time when I used to write […]

Hello blog.. 16

I came today to a conclusion: it is not only Twitter, but tablets and mobile phones that killed blogging. Ever since I started browsing the internet through my mobile browser, and I tend to blog less. That tiny little thing turned me into a selfish creature, I take and not care to actively share. I […]

Creative Writing 2

Because myself is a rebellious creature by nature, neither rests nor settles down, I had to force her to join a creative writing class at last. “If I am to do anything with writing in the future, then I must master rules first”, so I convinced her.. Below I share bits and pieces, which our […]

North and South 7

Upon my dearest friend, Lobna’s, recommendation, I watched the BBC’s mini -series adaptation for the novel “North and South” by Elizabeth Gaskell. Quoting Lobna, she said: Spectacular soundtrack of the BBC production mini-series (North & South) based on (Elizabeth Gaskell’s 1855 classic novel (North & south). May I say that the complexity of (John Thornton) […]

Random thought 3

To me, sometimes I think may be the most romantic line not said yet is: “How about sharing our libraries together?”

Are you listening? 4

I’ll excuse you, today is my first exception in my Happiness Project. Although it’s not getting me anywhere so far, and it doesn’t looks like what I was looking for; but I’ll continue tomorrow anyway. I am looking forward to achieve something.. anything. I have a heavy heart tonight.. for everything and anything, inside and […]

From: The Forty Rules of Love 3

Befuddled believer! If every Ramadan one fasts in the name of God and every Eid one sacrifices a sheep or a goat as an atonement for his sins, if all his life one strives to make the pilgrimage to Mecca and five times a day kneels on a prayer rug but at the same time […]

Rambling.. a little.. 1

It’s been long since I wrote here, and it’s been long since I started a post by “It’s been long”. My life, and again it’s been long since I rambled about my life, has turned into a hollow roller coaster. And I am not afraid to admit it.. I’m depressed, for both personal and national […]

To where does time go? 2

For some reason today I watched “Forrest Gump”; and throughout the film I was repeating to myself “It’s been a while.” The truth is I neither remember the last nor the first time I saw “Forrest Gump”. Like, I don’t remember the last time I heard a Back Street Boys song. I don’t remember the […]

Nothing, just talking.. 5

Sometimes I’d be engaged in an interesting conversation, with interesting people, and all of a sudden I lose interest. All of a sudden I don’t want to talk anymore. I don’t want to share into such mumbo-jumbo.. What difference will it make if my opinion was right, or yours.. What will come out of hours […]