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I do not know.. 6

Past couple of days are some of the worst. But life should go on, and never stops. There should be something you linger to. A dream, a hope, a wish, vacation, going out, a friend’s phone call.. Didn’t I tell you before, we spend most of our life waiting :) ? Something inside you always […]

لما اتكلمت 16

السطور القادمة بقلم صديقة عزيزة.. رفضت ذكر اسمها.. واظن من حقها اول مره اتعرض فيها لتحرش كنت معدتش عشره حداشر سنه كنت مع خالو راكبين اتوبيس و الدنيا زحمه نوعا ما، فجاه خالو طلع قدام و هو بيقولى تعالى عشان فيه مكان فضى، لقيت واحد مسكنى جامد و مسك ايدى و حطها على بنطلونه. قعدت […]

لازم تبقى قضية رأى عام 20

للفترة اللى فاتت كنت عايشة فى دور المصدومة من أخبار مالك، لانه شئ أقل ما يقال عنه امر محزن. وكان اول رد فعل ليا انى ارسلت اللينك لكل من أعرف فى أى مكان، وعنوان رسالتى كانت عبارة اخجل انى اكررها الحقيقة، انما اعمل ايه من شدة الغضب اللى كان يقتلنى فى صمت. أصعب شئ انك […]

هذه الحياة 1

عـــش ما شـئت فـإنـك مـيـت وأحـبب مـن شـئت فـإنـك مـفـارق وأعـمـل مـا شـئت فـكـما تـديـن تـدان عن قول جبريل لسيدنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم

Movie time.. 4

It appears to me that I am in the mood for movies now. Lots of them. Just checking my brother’s PC to find over 20 movies he downloaded and never mentioned anything about! So here it goes. Now I am watching “Muhammed – Legacy of a Prophet”; then on my check list I’d follow by […]

Life is too short to wonder about my mistakes. 0

According to someone’s advice, yesterday I watched the Japanese movie “In the mood for love”. Hmm, the movie is OK and a good watch provided you are an Asian culture fan. Else don’t risk; you’d hate your life and the living. The movie had few problems with me due the subtitle hassle. It was a […]

A mere question 0

When I am in the mood for a dance.. would you take my hands?

May you have a pleasent day 0

Don’t underestimate the value of your friends Don’t take for granted your family A walk on the beach, glory of the sea Sweet satisfaction of an excellent tea Don’t overlook romance or the joy of a spring The glow in your children’s eyes or the happiness they bring A fine wine, a good book, dancing […]

Today’s wish 0

There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real! Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go; be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do […]

Today’s quote 0

“Thou great star! What would be thy happiness if thou hadst not those for whom thou shinest!” Thus spoke Zarathustra