Monthly Archives: April 2008

لما نبقى سوا 10

واتمنيت يكون عندى برطمان شفاف أحوش فيه كل الذكريات الجاية لبعد كدة

وأنا وهى فى العربية 3

قالت لى وإيديها معلقة ع الكلاكس.. الناس مابقاش عندها صبر

Pictures hanging in the door way 3

I wonder how could people upload all their photos on FaceBook. I know you have “only friends” on your list, but photos mean lot more to me than just things I watch from time to time. It means, memories.. history, privacy, jewels.. my own secret jewels. I can allow people to take a peak-a-boo once.. […]